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My Attorney USA - New York Immigration Attorney, NY Deportation, Appeal Lawyer

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My Attorney USA — New York Immigration Attorney, NY Deportation, Appeal Lawyer

Experienced New York Attorneys providing solutions to your immigration problems

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At The Law Offices of Grinberg & Segal, PLLC in Manhattan, our NYC immigration lawyers offer more than 30 years of combined experience helping immigrants. Our Firm focuses vast segment of its practice on immigration law. This steadfast dedication has resulted in thousands of immigrants throughout the United States and in particular in the New York City metropolitan area, finally being able to enjoy the freedom and opportunity that our country was built on. Based in New York City, our immigration attorneys have so far represented clients in numerous locales throughout the United States including New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts, South and North Carolinas, Georgia, Florida, Missouri, Colorado, Texas, Nevada, Arizona and California. We have done immigration appeals in six federal judicial circuits and represented noncitizens in immigration removal and immigration deportation proceedings before immigration courts in twelve jurisdictions.

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Our firm has built its reputation on handling the most difficult and complex cases that this area of law presents. We take pride in helping those who are truly in need — immigrants facing deportation, prisoners in immigration detention centers, and families trying to escape brutality and violence in their home countries. Our attorneys treasure the ability to change these people’s lives, and treat their cases with the utmost urgency and respect.

Our lawyers approach every case in a straightforward and analytical way. We analyze every fact in great detail, and rely on our vast knowledge of federal statutes, regulations and case law to get you the best possible results. For this reason, we encourage our clients to be completely honest about their situations during the initial consultations. By providing our attorneys with accurate information, you enable them to understand the results you need and the best ways to go about obtaining them. You can put your trust in us to do everything in our power to make sure your interests are protected, your needs are met, and your future is secured.

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Client Reviews

Siarhei S | 2012/10/19 - 11:03pm

I would like to express my great gratitude to my attorneys Alexander J. Segal and Eliza Grinberg as well as as their hardworking associates, especially Melissa. What can I say? Their work is very professional. Their approach is very healthy and efficient. They provide truly quality service. I found...

ANDREI Y. | 2011/10/30 - 1:34pm

Спустя 10 лет в нелегальном статусе и депортации, я прошёл через множетсво адвокатов, которые отказывались браться за моё дело и говорили, что это безнадёжный случай. И только Александ согласился взяться за него. Он и его помощники показали не только верх профессионализма, но и готовность пойти на...

Snezhana M. | 2012/07/13 - 2:03pm

I would like to thank Mr. Segal and his team for all the hard word they did for me.
My case was screwed by my previous attorney so Mr. Segal had to fix it all.
From the first day when Alexandr started to work with me I had no doubt that we are going to win. And we did!
Even though I live far... is owned and operated by The Law Offices of Grinberg & Segal, P.L.L.C. (Grinberg & Segal). The content of is copyrighted. Grinberg & Segal is a NYC immigration law firm that consists of highly experienced immigration lawyers licensed to practice state law in New York and New Jersey and U.S. federal law worldwide. Grinberg & Segal’s New York-based immigration, deportation and removal lawyers represent immigrant clients in all fifty states and before U.S. Consulates anywhere in the world. Grinberg and Segal’s immigration lawyers are highly skilled and experienced in all areas of immigration law and related federal litigation including Writs of Mandamus and Habeas Corpus as well as APA Action in Federal District Courts, Petitions For Review in U.S. Circuit Courts and all administrative appeals Before the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) of the Executive Office for Immigration Review; Administrative Appeals Office (AAO) at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as well as before Immigration Courts nationwide.

Grinberg & Segal experienced immigration attorney work with noncitizens who are seeking refugee and asylum protection from the U.S. Government while both inside as well as outside of the United States. We successfully represent individuals who have experienced past persecution or harbor a genuine fear of future persecution, including individual who belong to a group of people against whom a pattern and practice of persecution exists in a given country, on account of one of the grounds protected under the international law, such as religion; membership in a particular social group including abused spouses and sexual orientation; political opinion including imputed political opinion; race and ethnic origin or nationality.

Our immigration attorneys represent asylum seekers at all levels of the process including before the USCIS’s Asylum Office, Immigration Courts nationwide, BIA and U.S. Courts of Appeals. Removal (formerly known as deportation and/or exclusion) proceedings is exceptionally complex administrative process, which requires profound knowledge, understanding and command of the U.S. immigration law including the interplay between Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), Federal Regulations, and Administrative and Judicial precedents. Grinberg & Segal experienced immigration lawyers successfully represent clients before immigration courts in all 50 states in removal, deportation and executions proceedings. Our clients include both nonimmigrants in immigration detention in the custody of the Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) as well as not detained immigrants. Our immigration attorneys have great deal of experience representing noncitizens with criminal convictions that are fighting to stay in the United States and not to be deported to countries that many of them have not visited or been to in years or even decades. Our experienced immigration lawyers assist clients in fighting grounds of inadmissibility as well as deportability and seeking relief from removal such as cancelation of removal, 212(c) relief, adjustment of status, asylum, withholding of removal and protections under the U.N. Convention Against Torture (CAT).

Grinberg & Segal’s immigration attorneys also represent clients before the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) on a variety of immigrant and nonimmigrant petitions. Grinberg & Segal’s immigration attorneys successfully work on immigrant matters of any complexity including: immediate relative and family preference immigrant petitions and visas such as CR1 and IR1 visas; I-130 immigrant visa petition; I-485 adjustment of status and SB1 returning immigrant visas. These petitions and visas cover all spectrum of family immigration including immediate relative petitions, family immigration categories FB1, FB2, F3, F4 and all related issues of any complexity including representing clients at Stokes or investigative interview at USCIS, and BIA or AAO appeals and motions to reopen (MTS). Grinberg and Segal immigration attorneys assist victims of domestic violence as well as victims of illegal activity and human trafficking in their pursuit of special U and T visas as well as I-360 battered spouse and child petitions under the federal law known as Violence against Women Act (VAWA). Grinberg & Segal immigration lawyers also work on non-immigrant visas including the student and training visas such as F1, J1, H3 and M ; work visas such as H1B, H4 – nonimmigrant worker; L1A – intra-company managerial transferee; L1B – intra-company specialized knowledge transferee; H3 international trainee as well as O and P visas. 

Our experienced immigration attorneys represent clients in connection to immigrant investor visas such as E1 treaty trader and E2 treaty investor non-immigrant visas. We also represent employers seeking unskilled visas such as H2B and H2A. Grinberg and Segal experienced immigration lawyers successfully represent immigrant clients from all over the world in employment immigration petitions including EB1 – aliens of extraordinary ability; EB2 master degree required immigration as well as EB2 national interest waiver seeking immigrants. EB3 skilled immigrant petitions and related labor certification as well as immigrants seeking to immigrate in EB4 category for Religious Workers, Broadcasters, Iraqi/Afghan Translators, Iraqis Who Have Assisted the United States, International Organization Employees, Physicians, Armed Forces Members, Panama Canal Zone Employees, Retired NATO-6 employees and Spouses and Children of Deceased NATO-6 employees. Grinberg and Segal experienced immigration attorneys also work with foreign immigrant investors who seek to immigrate into the USA under EB5 immigrant investor category.

We represent applicants in both regional center and private investment scenarios as well as in targeted employment areas and not targeted employment areas. Out immigration lawyers work with clients private investors who would like to invest in American economy by establishing and operating a genuine business in the United States which provides at least 10 employment opportunities. Our experienced immigration attorneys represent all types of such business structures including sole proprietorships, partnership (whether limited or general), holding companies; joint ventures, corporations and business trusts or other entities, regardless of whether publicly or privately owned. Out experienced immigration attorneys also work with clients who wish to invest through regional center pilot programs