How can I bring my boyfriend to US?

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How can I bring my boyfriend to US?'s picture

I would like to bring my boyfriend from the Dominican Republic and I would like to gather information on how to do that and more or less how much would it cost?


Submitted by Alexander J. Segal on November 3, 2011 - 10:14am

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I would need more information about the purpose of his trip. I need to know if you are planning to marry your boyfriend or merely want him to come to visit.

Submitted by lorena on April 13, 2013 - 7:46pm

my boyfriend of 3 years is from mexico, he has a visitors visa and in a few month we will have a baby, can I apply for his residence in the US? thanks

Submitted by Natalie on May 30, 2012 - 1:07am

I want to bring him as a boyfriend I want to know the cost to start it and how much am I goin to spend in the long run. How long is it going to take for him to come to new York? And what kind of paper work do I need to file ?

Submitted by mimi on January 19, 2013 - 11:32am

i want to know how can it take me to bring my boyfriend to the U.S from haiti.. how long is it going to take and how much money do i need to spend

Submitted by Wendy Barlow on January 20, 2013 - 11:38am

Wendy Barlow's picture

The answer depends upon whether you intend to marry or not. Unfortunately, if you are not ready to marry, there is no longer term non-immigrant visa based upon a relationship with a U.S. citizen. He may be eligible for another type of non-immigrant visa such as a student visa or employment-based visa. I would need more information about your boyfriend's education and work experience to assess his potential eligibility for such visas.


However, if you are planning to marry, you could petition for him to receive a fiance visa. You could also marry and petition for him to receive an immigrant visa. Both options costs about the same in legal fees and related expenses such as medical examination fees, filing fees, translations, etc. The timeframe is similar with a fiance visa usually being a little faster, which means he can enter the United States sooner, but he will not yet be a resident. Both require you to show a bona fide relationship. A fiance visa requires you to also demonstarte you have met one another in the last two years (there are some exceptions). I can give you a better estimate of costs and time if you provide some information. I would need to know if your boyfriend has been in the U.S. before, has a criminal record, has ever been previously deported, and do you have a preferred method for brining him to the United States.


Submitted by Jill M on May 14, 2013 - 10:14am

Good morning Wendy, I was browsing websites to get as much information as possible related to Fiance visa / or as married. I came across this site and read your post. My boyfriend resides in Santiago D.R. we met two years ago via phone. My bestfriend is married to his brother. We finally met last September in person and have kept in touch via phone / text every since. I am now going on my thrid trip to see him next week and planned another for July and will continue to visit him bi monthly. With that said, we have discussed marriage but I dont want to rush it, if I dont need to. This is not a marriage for papers situation. What is the difference in time frame to bring someone on a Fiance visa vs. Married? I have asked him to acquire all his documentation that I will need to file the request. I am aware that if he were to come on a fiance visa, we would need to marry within 3 months for him to stay and I am prepared to do so. Can you advise what the best option would be and what process i should take? What are we looking at as far as cost? Any info/ advice is greatly appreciated.. Regards

Submitted by Wendy Barlow on May 14, 2013 - 10:48am

Wendy Barlow's picture

USCIS and the National Visa Center have greatly improved processing of petitions over the past few years. A fiance visa is typically processed only a few months faster than an immigrant visa based upon marriage to a U.S. citizen. The fees associated with the immigrant visa petition are a little less than the fiance visa. The main difference between the two options is that if you were already married, your spouse would enter the U.S. as a lawful permanent resident. This would mean he could immediately begin working and would not need to have any further appointments with USCIS until it is time to remove the conditions on his residence.


At the same time, the fiance visa provides the benefit of giving you a three month period together to make sure this is the right decision. It also allows your fiance an opportunity to see what life is like in the U.S. If during this time you decide not to marry, he can depart the U.S. This also allows you to have a wedding in the U.S., which is important for some.


In the end, it comes down to your preference and what is best for you.



Submitted by Aaron jomjon on December 21, 2013 - 11:22pm

Hi my boyfriend lives in haiti we want to get married for him to come to the states my question for u is can same sex relationships get a fience visa in haiti ..I'm a us citizen and his in haiti

Submitted by Wendy Barlow on December 23, 2013 - 10:20am

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Assuming you meet all the requirements for a fiance visa, you can petition for your boyfriend to receive a fiance visa. Same-sex couples are eligible for all immigration benefits that heterosexual couples are eligible to receive.

Submitted by Wendy Barlow on May 30, 2012 - 3:43pm

Wendy Barlow's picture

There are a few different options available. If your boyfriend only wants to come for a visit, he could request a visitor visa from the U.S. Embassy/Consulate in the Dominican Republic. This visa would allow him to travel to the U.S. to visit you for a temporary period. He would have to return to the Dominican Republic at the end of the visit. Your boyfriend can apply by scheduling an appointment with the U.S. Embassy/Consulate in the Dominican Republic to apply for a non-immigrant visa.

Assuming you are looking to bring your boyfriend to the United States to obtain lawful permanent residence, you could petition for him to receive a fiance visa. This allows him to enter the U.S. for the purpose of marriage. You would need to get married within 90 days of his entry. After you are married, he would file for lawful permanent residence. To obtain this visa, you must establish that you have a bona fide relationship with your boyfriend and intend to marry upon his entry to the U.S. Our attorney's fees to assist with the filing of his fiance visa would be $2,500. You would also need to pay filing fees in the amount of approximately $580 to the U.S. government. There will be msicellaneous expenses related to the petition such as fees for medical examinations, copying, etc. Once you have married, you spouse will file an application for adjustment of status. This will be an additional $1,000 in attorneys' fees and $1,010 in U.S. government fees. The other options is to marry in the Dominican Republic and  petition for your husband to receive an immigrant visa. Your husband will remain in the Dominican Republic while this process is ongoing (approximately 8 months to a year). You will pay essentially the same fees with the exception of the $1,000 to our office for the adjustment of status.

Please keep in mind that this pricing assumes your boyfriend does have a prior arrest record and no prior immigration violations or other grounds that would require a waiver. If a waiver is needed, the costs would increase depending upon the reason for the waiver.


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